Race your way to fantastic spider wins

With 8 legs and an appetitive for fantastic cash prizes, our speedy little spiders will race their way to the finish line in our exciting Spider Races. Join in the speedy Halloween bingo fun and excitement in the Pack and Line Bingo room on Sunday October 21st as we invite you to race your way to fantastic bingo prizes in our exclusive Spider Race bingo games.

The bingo fun starts at 8:00PM EDT in the Pack and Line Bingo room as we play an hour filled with back to back speedy bingo games. Each game plays on one of our spider race bingo patterns and has a starting pot of $13.00 and a card cost of only $0.25a card. The more players that play, the bigger the pot grows which means unlimited cash prizes to be won when you enter our Spider Races!

You’ll love our little spiders, they’re super quick and go from start to fantastic cash win in record time, so get ready to keep up with our speedy little spiders in the Pack and Line Bingo room from 8:00PM EDT on Sunday October 21st by pre ordering your cards now!

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