Payday Bingo £10.000 Jackpot every month

You’ve never seen a pay cheque like this before! You can win up to £10,000 monthly! Payday Bingo plays the last Friday of every month at 10pm. Don’t miss out – be sure to get your tickets early and mark your calendar. Plus, if that’s not enough, this game also has a £2,000 guaranteed jackpot. It’s ridiculously rewarding!

PayDay Bingo game is available for all players in 75 ball room. The game plays on the last Friday of the month at 10pm and cards are 30p each.

Players can buy a maximum of 96 cards to each game.

The game is a sliding jackpot and players can win up to £10,000 with according to the following calls:

Calls Winner gets
1-29 £10,000
30-41 £5,000
42-45 £3,000
46 and over £2000
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