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Traditional vs Online Bingo

Long frequented by many Canadian bingo players, traditional bingo halls offer a structure that is familiar to many of us. Played at bingo halls, church functions and fundraiser, bingo balls are drawn at random, while you mark the numbers off of your bingo card. As more numbers are drawn, eventually one of the participants (hopefully, you!) will be able to complete his or her line, earning the right to shout out the word ‘bingo’!

If this seems like a familiar scenario to you, it may interest you to know that exactly the same methods used in land-based bingo are also observed in the online format. As a matter of fact, many players are now coming around to the realization that online bingo sites provide you with even more conveniences than traditional bingo halls do while still embracing many of the standard formats that will make you feel at home.

At times, you may have had the feeling that talking and chatting during game-play was discouraged in a land-based bingo game; online bingo casinos actually encourage player interaction and on many of the sites that are recommended here on our site, you’ll find that you’ll have a large number of your fellow Canadian bingo-lovers to socialize with, while actively playing.

Because many of the popular online bingo sites are seeking to expand their player-base, you’ll find that compared to traditional bingo halls, online bingo sites are giving their new players a great deal more in the way of cash bonuses and rewards. No-deposit bonuses are given to new players without any obligation on the part of the player; just a chance to try out a new bingo site with the casino’s own cash! This is a great way to get familiar with a new site, checking out the games that they offer while also sizing-up your fellow players.

While it’s still fun to play bingo in a public setting from time to time, having the ability to play bingo 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from the comfort of your own living room really just can’t be beat.

Having the ability to enjoy online bingo in the comfort of your own home is definitely something that we should not overlook, especially during the long, cold Canadian winters, when just getting out of the house can seem like a giant task. No more checking schedules, getting dressed up, and trudging out to the nearest bingo hall. Stay home, enjoy a couple of your favorite beverages, and enjoy playing in one of the bingo matches starting every few seconds on your favorite site.

You’ll be free to make a run for a quick snack, make a phone call, or take a bathroom break as the sites automation makes sure that your winning ticket will never be overlooked.

You’ll find all sorts of free offers and generous bonuses, themed games, low-stakes games, guaranteed payouts and progressives. With the number of participants continue to grow by the day, you’ll always be amongst friends and the winning prize pools will continue to expand!