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Play Bingo – Editor’s Corner – Yahoo! News UK

Editor’s Corner – Yahoo! News UK

Bingo players are playing more bingo online these days, with one bingo operator in the UK reporting a substantial increase in profits. Rank, which operates 103 bingo halls across the UK, announced that it had earned a pre-tax profit of £25.1 million through the first 6 months of 2010.

These numbers have also been echoed by operators across Canada who have also seen an increase in profits. Recent statistics have hinted that clubs may have rebounded after previous suggestions they the industry would not bounce back from the impact of the smoking ban.

The study also found that the number of bingo players visiting physical locations to play bingo was up by over 1o%, while the average spend climbed by 1.5%.

With many other bookmakers recently releasing their 2010 first half numbers,  there is an indication that their online bingo industry experience the greatest rise in popularity. This further illustrates that bingo is continuing to make gains in popularity, not just in halls, but also online.

Across both the UK and Canada, bingo is a national pastime, with the game being a popular fixture in the social lives of both the young and old alike. While offline bingo may be off the numbers it enjoyed at the height of it’s popularity, the game of bingo itself continues to gain new players and a whole generation is now enjoy the fun and excitement that the game provides.