Play Bingo – Sunday last chance to pick up Sun Bingo card

This Sunday will be your last chance to pick up your Sun Bingo card if you hope to get your piece of the final $10,000 pie.

“We are excited to give away the last chunk of money,” said Erin Hazen, Edmonton Sun marketing and promotions manager.

The six-week-long contest came to a close April 17.

So far, 25 winners have split $40,000 over the first four weeks of play.

“Everyone’s been having a lot of fun playing along,” said Hazen.

Lucky winners so far have been spending their winnings responsibly.

“It has been as popular as ever,” said Hazen.

There are a couple more ways to win big. Check the top of the Bingo card for a serial number. It might match the daily lucky number printed in the Sun, worth $1,000.

If you don’t win this week, hang on to your card. Contestants can fill out a ballot on the back of the card to enter to win a $5,000 draw prize.

Expired cards should be dropped off at the main floor Player’s Centre at Northlands Park by April 24.

If you find yourself with all 15 winning numbers, call 780-468-0256 to claim your prize.

The card must be verified by 3 p.m. on the Saturday of the game week.

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