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Fasions in Modern Era

In this modern Era, we have different fashions running around us. So we have to check all these actions carefully and hasn’t when we see the airport unity are a new fashion coming up we have to do such a chance on our address is immediately to catch up the fashion trend. This is the reason she part of an integral part of the fashion industry so whenever you find it you just do it the fashioned rainy changing day by day and you have to go with it. So whenever you see the change do it immediately ass and then you have the foreman to change anything in this manner. So do it corrected it immediately and do it according to the fashion latest fashion. next thing you have to do is not only change according to the fashion but you have to order something into it you have to add a each and every possible design from your inner my into the trees whenever you can fit. I’ll give you how to do it very quickly because search fashions do not to last for a long time and they have to be done immediately. now it’s very easy to get the things done once you have your fashionable dresses are designed set a DVR to just get it done from your employees and do it quickly..

So now you know that fashion is essential part of our life so you how to do it correctly and ass soon as possible. So do it and show it to somebody who is knowledgeable in this area. There are lots and lots of fashion changing a free day and whenever you think that it is possible to make the changes do it as soon as possible. This is definitely in threes you are sell and you will be at the top of the louder.

Navigator to have the fashion show arranged by somebody with the models so that you can show all your dresses WeChat latest fashionable dresses to all the  public so that you can get the name brand and the fashion to the world in a flash of a second and you are famous

Traditional vs Online Bingo

Long frequented by many Canadian bingo players, traditional bingo halls offer a structure that is familiar to many of us. Played at bingo halls, church functions and fundraiser, bingo balls are drawn at random, while you mark the numbers off of your bingo card. As more numbers are drawn, eventually one of the participants (hopefully, you!) will be able to complete his or her line, earning the right to shout out the word ‘bingo’!

If this seems like a familiar scenario to you, it may interest you to know that exactly the same methods used in land-based bingo are also observed in the online format. As a matter of fact, many players are now coming around to the realization that online bingo sites provide you with even more conveniences than traditional bingo halls do while still embracing many of the standard formats that will make you feel at home.

At times, you may have had the feeling that talking and chatting during game-play was discouraged in a land-based bingo game; online bingo casinos actually encourage player interaction and on many of the sites that are recommended here on our site, you’ll find that you’ll have a large number of your fellow Canadian bingo-lovers to socialize with, while actively playing.

Because many of the popular online bingo sites are seeking to expand their player-base, you’ll find that compared to traditional bingo halls, online bingo sites are giving their new players a great deal more in the way of cash bonuses and rewards. No-deposit bonuses are given to new players without any obligation on the part of the player; just a chance to try out a new bingo site with the casino’s own cash! This is a great way to get familiar with a new site, checking out the games that they offer while also sizing-up your fellow players.

While it’s still fun to play bingo in a public setting from time to time, having the ability to play bingo 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from the comfort of your own living room really just can’t be beat.

Having the ability to enjoy online bingo in the comfort of your own home is definitely something that we should not overlook, especially during the long, cold Canadian winters, when just getting out of the house can seem like a giant task. No more checking schedules, getting dressed up, and trudging out to the nearest bingo hall. Stay home, enjoy a couple of your favorite beverages, and enjoy playing in one of the bingo matches starting every few seconds on your favorite site.

You’ll be free to make a run for a quick snack, make a phone call, or take a bathroom break as the sites automation makes sure that your winning ticket will never be overlooked.

You’ll find all sorts of free offers and generous bonuses, themed games, low-stakes games, guaranteed payouts and progressives. With the number of participants continue to grow by the day, you’ll always be amongst friends and the winning prize pools will continue to expand!

Canada Bingo Calendar: October – November 2010

October 2010October 1 – British Columbia: Central Coquitlam Pensioners Branch 108 weekly social bingo at 1 p.m. in the Mike Butler Room at Dogwood Pavilion. There are 15 games, and pots range from $5 to $25. New players welcome. Information: Catherine at 604-937-7537.

October 1 – British Columbia: Langley Rainbow OAPO branch #146; Regular meetings on the 1st Monday of the month. Lunch begins at 11:30am Monday and Saturday followed by bingo at 1pm. Craft table sales on Mondays before bingo. Crib on Tuesdays and bridge on Thursdays at 1pm. Everyone is welcome. Evergreen Timbers (5464 203 St.) Info: Anita, 604-534-2311.

October 4 – Nova Scotia: Amherstburg Legion; Bingo is back at the Legion every Monday at 7:30 p.m. Call 519-736-4485 for details.

October 8 – Montreal: Ste. Anne de Bellevue Parish Hall; Bingo for Seniors, hosted by John Abbott students in collaboration with Volunteer West Island every Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. at , 1 de L’Eglise St. in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. To reserve, call 514-457-5445.

October 13 – Ontario: Bingo is played at the Stittsville Legion starting at 6:45 p.m every Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.

October 15 – New Brunswick: The Riverview Lions Club holds bingo every Friday, doors open at 5 p.m.; early bird games start at 6:40 p.m. and regular bingo begins at 7 p.m.

October 17 – Winnipeg, Manitoba: Dakota Community Centre, 1188 Dakota St. Bingo every Sunday evening 7:30 PM. Wheelchair accessible. Phone: (204) 254-1010

October 20 – New Brunswick: Bingo will be held every Wednesday at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 4, Queen Street Fredericton, NB – Early bird games at 6:30 p.m. and regular games at 7:30 p.m. Canteen services available. For more information, please call Greta Sloat at 452-8215.

October 20 – New Brunswick: The Riverview Lions Club is proud to offer Bingo every Wednesday and Friday evening with Early Bird Quickie games start at 6:40PM.

October 25 – British Columbia: Squamish Legion; Bingo every Mon. at 6:30 pm. Doors open 5:30 pm.

October 27 – New Brunswick: Bingo is held every Wednesday at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 4, Queen Street Fredericton, NB – Early bird games at 6:30 p.m. and regular games at 7:30 p.m. Canteen services available. For more information, please call Greta Sloat at 452-8215.

November 2010

November 1 – New Brunswick: The Moncton Lionettes; 55 Mark Ave. Holding a bingo every Monday with early bird games at 6:45 p.m. and regular games at 7 p.m. For more information, call 858-9492.

November 2 – Calgary, Alberta: Broken City Social Club; Broken City Wing Night + Punk Rock Bingo. Every Tuesday 4:00pm – Close

November 7 – Winnipeg, Manitoba: Dakota Community Centre, 1188 Dakota St. Bingo every Sunday evening 7:30 PM. Wheelchair accessible. Phone: (204) 254-1010

November 11 – Winnipeg: Cash Bingo, 267 Traverse Street. Bingo every Thursday at 7:00 PM
Free coffee for bingo players. Phone: (204) 237-9974

November 12 and 13 – Ottawa, Ontario: Friend’s Bingo Hall; Bingo every Friday and Saturday night at 1:00 AM. 70 Montréal Road (613) 747-7250 (Office) Total Prize Board: $5,125.00

November 15 – New Brunswick: Sackville Lions Bingo; every Monday evening at 6:45 pm, Sackville Lions Den, 10 Dufferin Street.

November 16 – Calgary, Alberta: Broken City Social Club; Broken City Wing Night + Punk Rock Bingo. Every Tuesday 4:00pm – Close

November 18 – Rivers, Manitoba: Rivers Legion #75, 633 2nd ave R0K 1X0, Canada. Phone: 204-328-5290
Bingo every Thursday evening. Early bird starts at 7:15 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

November 24 – New Brunswick: The Salisbury Legion Branch 31 – Holding bingo every Wednesday at 7 p.m. with an early bird bingo at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call 372-4730.

November 30 – Grand Bend, Ontario: Grand Bend Legion; Every Tuesday at 7:00pm in a Smoke Free Environment

Playing Online Bingo And Paying Securely

Almost all online bingo sites accept players that are located in Canada, while providing safe and reliable options for Canadians to quickly make deposits or withdraw their winnings. As many of the provinces in Canada have been looking into regulation recently, the number of viable payment options available to bingo players should increase during the upcoming year.

Currently, for the convenience of Canadian players deposits can usually be made through Instadebit, Neteller, Click2Pay and Visa and MasterCard. You’ll find it helpful that at each of the sites that we recommend here, detailed information regarding the different accepted payment methods are made available on each site.

It should be noted that transactions are recorded and tracked in US dollars as preferred by most Canadian players. Funds deposited in a different currency may be converted to dollars at the current rates.

Most often, approved transactions will be credited automatically to your account so that you can begin playing bingo right away. The name and address on your bingo account should match the name and address on the credit card used to add funds to your bingo account.

For your safety and protection most sites today will store your information using 128-Bit encryption behind multiple firewalls, where unauthorized access is prohibited. This level of protection gives you the confidence to enjoy the time you are spending on your favorite bingo site without having to think about the safety of personal information.

Play bingo – How To Play Live Online Bingo Games For Free

If you are a bingo player from Canada looking to get started with playing online with some free money, here are a few pointers for you:

First of all, now is a great time for Canadian players to get started playing bingo online. The internet is full of  online bingo websites that will let you get started for free. As a matter of fact, many sites will even let you “keep” or even withdraw a certain percentage of the winning earned while trying their site.

Here a few tips to get the most out of the generous no-deposit bonuses that are being offered at the moment:

Step #1: Get Started With A Site That’s Made For Canadian Players.

While all sites may seem to be created equally, finding a genuine bingo site that lets players from Canada play free, may take just a little bit of leg work. A quick browse through the search engines with the keywords “free bingo ”, will probably bring you a few hundred thousand results. This may seem like a positive thing, but in reality can make actually choosing the best site for you a bit of a task.

A better bet might be to start by searching for a site that has bingo reviews for Canada players, as they may be better suited to your needs than a site that has a player base of players primarily from other parts of the globe. While the differences may some subtle to someone who’s just starting out playing bingo online, over time you will come to find that the types of games that are favored, and even some of the chat “lingo” that is used will be quite different on sites that have a large base of players from other countries.

Once you’ve made your choice the next step gets quite a bit easier.

Step # 2: Create A Free Account and Receive Your Free Money

Today, most bingo game websites will let you get started with a quick and easy sign-up process that will let you create your free bingo account in just a matter of minutes. To do this, you’ll need to go ahead and the site’s registration form for new players. It’s best to provide the site with up to date and accurate information, including using a valid e-mail address, as this will be where you’ll receive the login information that you will need to access the site for the first time. Failure to provide the correct information may slow the process down, and you may also miss out on some of the newest offers that the site may be promoting to new players.

Once your information has been confirmed, you’ll be awarded your sign-up bonus, which is basically money that is free for you to go ahead and use to try out their bingo games with no obligation. Some sites will also offer you a free trial of their casino games along with your bingo bonus.

While it’s free money, it’s also good to remember that it is real money, and it makes sense to spend it wisely. With a bit of luck you’ll not only get a chance to try out a site with no obligation, but head into the action with a few bucks already built up in your account to help you gain some momentum right out of the gate!

Honestly, this is the entire process in just two easy steps- how easy and simple is that?

If you’re ready to go ahead and get started, why not choose one of these sites that are the top choices of many of our fellow Canadians (and bingo lovers!)

You really can’t go wrong with any of these sites, so go ahead any one (or all) of them a try!

Please leave any questions or comments below.

Play Bingo – Editor’s Corner – Yahoo! News UK

Editor’s Corner – Yahoo! News UK

Bingo players are playing more bingo online these days, with one bingo operator in the UK reporting a substantial increase in profits. Rank, which operates 103 bingo halls across the UK, announced that it had earned a pre-tax profit of £25.1 million through the first 6 months of 2010.

These numbers have also been echoed by operators across Canada who have also seen an increase in profits. Recent statistics have hinted that clubs may have rebounded after previous suggestions they the industry would not bounce back from the impact of the smoking ban.

The study also found that the number of bingo players visiting physical locations to play bingo was up by over 1o%, while the average spend climbed by 1.5%.

With many other bookmakers recently releasing their 2010 first half numbers,  there is an indication that their online bingo industry experience the greatest rise in popularity. This further illustrates that bingo is continuing to make gains in popularity, not just in halls, but also online.

Across both the UK and Canada, bingo is a national pastime, with the game being a popular fixture in the social lives of both the young and old alike. While offline bingo may be off the numbers it enjoyed at the height of it’s popularity, the game of bingo itself continues to gain new players and a whole generation is now enjoy the fun and excitement that the game provides.

Play Bingo – Sunday last chance to pick up Sun Bingo card

This Sunday will be your last chance to pick up your Sun Bingo card if you hope to get your piece of the final $10,000 pie.

“We are excited to give away the last chunk of money,” said Erin Hazen, Edmonton Sun marketing and promotions manager.

The six-week-long contest came to a close April 17.

So far, 25 winners have split $40,000 over the first four weeks of play.

“Everyone’s been having a lot of fun playing along,” said Hazen.

Lucky winners so far have been spending their winnings responsibly.

“It has been as popular as ever,” said Hazen.

There are a couple more ways to win big. Check the top of the Bingo card for a serial number. It might match the daily lucky number printed in the Sun, worth $1,000.

If you don’t win this week, hang on to your card. Contestants can fill out a ballot on the back of the card to enter to win a $5,000 draw prize.

Expired cards should be dropped off at the main floor Player’s Centre at Northlands Park by April 24.

If you find yourself with all 15 winning numbers, call 780-468-0256 to claim your prize.

The card must be verified by 3 p.m. on the Saturday of the game week.

Hey Guys!Just wanted to post this article here from Lee that touches on a few of the better sites for Bingo bonuses:

Play Online And Earn Bingo Bonus

With the new innovation and development in the technical and the Internet world, you can now play free bingo games online to entertain yourself. The free bingo sites allow you to enjoy your favorite bingo games and also get you to earn bingo bonus. Playing online bingo on these bingo sites is very similar to the classic bingo, but is more convenient and provides you with the facility to earn bingo bonus that can further help you to play more and win prizes.

There are various online websites that allow you to play online and get bingo bonus for good rewards. Some of these websites provide you with free bingo bonus money that helps you to play free bingo. Whenever you are bored and require a break, you can use the free bingo bonus money and play free games online. You do not require to deposit for this and you can entertain yourself for free. If you win the free games through the bingo bonus then you get to earn cash prizes as well.

For playing online bingo and for Bingo Bonus, you need to register yourself with the website. You can choose any of the online website that helps you to play these games and provide online bingo games with little variations. They have features like auto mode, chat rooms and similar features that allow you to interact with the other players and play the game also. But, before you register with the website, it is advisable that you read the terms and conditions and the rules of the online game provided by the particular website. Ensure that they are genuine sites and are registered.

If you are new to bingo then playing the free bingo games help you to learn more about the game and allows you to practice with the bonus money before you deal in real money. bingobase can be your guide and can help you in this regard. The website can help you to know about the various genuine bingo websites and can help you to learn more about the game. You get to learn about the strategies of the game and also get to learn about the terms that are used for the game. It helps you to learn about the various different bingo sites like Foxy bingo, champagne bingo, Mecca bingo, Gala bingo and other different bingo games that can keep you entertained and help you to win bingo bonus and other prizes.

Free Bingo Canada

Free Bingo Canada

Today, more and more bingo players are looking to find free bingo Canada sites and bonuses.  I have a few recommendations for Canadian players who are looking to take advantage of some of the generous promotions that are available to them right now. Bingo players seeking bingo bonuses that are exclusive to Canadians will find that the sites that I am listing below will have plenty of exciting promotions and no deposit bonuses that should get you off and running.

Bingo bonuses and promotions for Canadian players can sometimes be hard to come by. Right now, three of my favorite sites are running some great offers with up to $20 in free bingo being offered with no deposit required. A couple of sites are even offering new players free slot spins to go along with the free bingo offers.

Here are the three sites that are currently running offers that you should be taking advantage of today:

Bingo Cabin:

Bingo Cabin is one of the most popular online bingo destinations for the Canadian bingo players and one of my favorite sites. Right now they are offering new players $10 Free for bingo, plus 200 free slot spins on sign-up with no deposit required!

This popular site utilizes 3D Leapfrog gaming software technology doesn’t usually offer players some of the giant jackpots that some of the larger sites might, but their site is very user-friendly, without some of the complicated bonus schedules and tournaments that many of the larger sites do.

Bingo Cabin’s strength is found in terms of the winnability of their jackpots, quick payouts and the fun and exciting experience provided by it’s state of the art three dimensional bingo environment. At Bingo Cabin, you’ll find that Canadians represent nearly 50% of the player base, making this a great place to find fellow bingo players from Canada to play and socialize with.

Bingo Cafe:

Bingo Cafe is another popular destination for Canadian bingo players, as it is currently running an offer of $20 Free for Bingo on sign-with no deposit required. This money can be used try out their fun and unique 3D Leapfrog gaming software and get to get to know your way around.

You’ll find out quickly that there is a huge amount of money to be won at this caffeine-themed bingo site that is making quite a name for itself, especially with the community of Canada-based bingo players as their reputation continues to grow.

Bingo Cafe’s virtualized playing room truly enhances your gaming experience, and they also have a high ratio of Canadians on their site, with hundreds of new players joining every day. With an offer of $20 to try out their site, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead over and get started playing right now!

Vics Bingo:

Vics Bingo is one of the most fun online bingo sites that you’ll ever play at. The realistic software technology lets players enjoy an exciting and realistic environment with an easy to use, clean and fast interface. Vics Bingo offers players a wide variety of bingo-themed games, slots and video poker that can be played in either the flash or downloaded versions.

All of their games are chat enabled, creating a fun social atmosphere for their players. Other convenient game features include auto-daub so that you don’t miss any numbers when the games become faster-paced, and keep in mind that having the option to pre-purchase can come in handy, ensuring that you never miss a game.

The are constantly offering generous bonuses and promotions, which are updated frequently, so it’s best to check in here often. For Canadian players, you’ll be pleased to know that Vics has a great reputation as a site is very secure, while also offering players speedy payouts.

The action runs continuously so you are never waiting long to find a game to jump into. I think that you’ll find that all in all, Vics Bingo is one of the best online bingo sites you’ll come across, and is always one of the sites that I recommend most highly for Canadian bingo players.

I think that you will be quite pleased with the quality of game play supported by all of the sites recommended here at our site offering a guide to free bingo Canada bonuses and promotions.

Nova Scotia Bingo Halls

Nova Scotia, Canada has a good number of bingo halls to choose from, considering that it’s the second-smallest province in all of Canada.


Big Brothers/Sisters Bingo
phone: phone (902) 639-2696

Barrington Passage
Lions Club TV Bingo
Barrington Passage
phone: (902) 637-2870


Dartmouth Masonic Centre Bingo
24 Mount Hope Av
phone: (902) 466-0312

Dartmouth Sportsplex
phone: (902) 464-2600

Farrell Hall
276 Windmill Rd
phone: (902) 469-5769

Halifax Regional Search and Rescue Bingo
5 Everette St.
phone: (902) 465-5050


Enfield Fire Department
273 Highway 2
phone: (902) 883-9215

Creignish Rec Center
phone: (902) 625-1476


Agricola Street Bingo
5692 Bloomfield
phone: (902) 455-3981

Halifax Forum Super Bingo
2901 Windsor Street
phone: (902) 490-4537
hotline: (902) 451-1900
fax: (902) 490-4614

Heritage Bingo
3200 Kempt Rd
phone: (902) 454-7591

Inverness Area Bingo
phone: (902) 258-3033

Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay Fire Department
184 Kinburn Street
Mahone Bay
phone: (902) 624-8437
contact: Chris Wile
bingo times: Sundays and Thursday at 7:10 pm

Lower Sackville

Sackville Bingo Centre
Lower Sackville
phone: (902) 864-0030


Nictaux & District Fire Hall
phone: (902) 825-4343


Leisure Gardens
Vulcan Ave.
phone: (902) 539-9072
bingo times: Sun., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 7:30 p.m.


Boys & Girls Club of Yarmouth
31 Bond
phone: (902) 742-4659

Lions TV Bingo
25 Shaw Ave.
phone: (902) 742-2107
contact: Bruce Beverage
bingo times: Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm

Ontario Bingo Halls

Ontario, Canada has a wide variety of bingo halls to choose from. We’ve divided the directory up into four sections, to make sure that as many bingo halls listed are included as possible.

Northern and Central Ontario Bingo Halls


Bonfield Agricultural Society
113 Trunk Rd
phone: (705) 776-9820


Lucky Star Bingo
3450 Hwy 144
phone: (705) 855-5516

Elliot Lake

Dash & Dab
151 Ontario St.
Elliot Lake
phone: (705) 461-3816

Fort Frances

Fort Frances Bingo Hall
801 Scott
Fort Frances
phone: (807) 274-5035


Rainbow Bingo Inc.
11 Howland Dr
phone: (705) 788-3204


Centre De Loisirs
7 Aurora
phone: (705) 335-8463


Ginoo-Gaming Activities-Charity Bingo
101 Poplar Cr
phone: (807) 876-1110

New Liskeard

Tri-town Bingo
3 Con Dymond
New Liskeard
phone: (705) 647-9700

North Bay

North Bay Bingo Country
1851 Seymour
North Bay
phone: (705) 746-1800

Lakeshore Bingo
330 Lakeshore Dr.
North Bay
phone: (705) 476-7250

RenMar Bingo Hall
248 main W.
North Bay
phone: (705) 495-1422

Sault Ste Marie

CLA TV Bingo
23 Manitou Dr.
Sault Ste Marie
phone: (705) 254-1554

Community Living Algoma
Flr 3- 421 Bay
Sault Ste Marie
phone: 705-253-1700

Downtown Bingo Hall
641 Queen E
Sault Ste Marie
phone: 705-942-4646

S Garden River Community Centre
6 Shingwaulk
Sault Ste Marie
phone: (705) 946-2614

Green Belt Bingo
686 Black Rd
Sault Ste Marie
phone: (705) 945-7940

Sturgeon Falls

Odeon Centre
227 King
Sturgeon Falls
phone: (705) 753-1888


Sudbury Bingo Country
2208 Lasalle Blvd Hwy
phone: (705) 566-8566

Bingo Country Charity Association
2208 Lasalle Bl
phone: (705) 525-0291

Bingo One
940 Newgate
phone: (705) 560-4243

Capital Bingo
66 Cedar
phone: (705) 673-1914

Thunder Bay

Diamond Bingo
570 Syndicate Ave. S
Thunder Bay
phone: (807) 622-3837

Intercity Bingo Palace
425 11th Ave
Thunder Bay
phone: (807) 343-0449

Mountain Bingo Centre
RR. #4, 110 Mountain Rd
Thunder Bay
phone: (807) 622-5914

Thunder Bay Community Bingo
425 Northern Ave
Thunder Bay
phone: (807) 623-5888

Thunder Bay Community Bingo
820 Red River Rd
Thunder Bay
phone: (807) 768-1529


City Bingo
251 First Ave
phone: (705) 264-9700

Val Caron

Valley Bingo
2914 Hwy 69 N
Val Caron
phone: (705) 897-2660

Toronto, Ontario Bingo Halls


Bingo Country
24 Westmore Dr.
phone: (416) 748-9599 – (416) 748-5618

North York

Delta Bingo Downsview
1868 Wilson Ave.
North York
phone: (416) 747-8444

Bingo County
2344 Keele St
North York
phone: (416) 242-7474

Bingo Country
2424 Finch W.
North York
phone: (416) 740-1009 – (416) 740-3872


Kennedy Bingo
991 Kennedy Rd.
phone: (416) 752-2635

Scarborough Bingo Emporium
2050 Ellesmere Rd.
phone: (416) 438-7529

Dolphin Bingo
1911 Eglinton Ave E.
phone: (416) 759-2565

Scarborough Club Bingo
2715 Lawrence Ave E.
phone: (416) 751-1977

Club Bingo
2715 Lawrence Ave. E.
phone: (416) 751-1977


Delta Bingo Inc.
1799 St. Clair Ave. W.
phone: (416) 656-8888

Trent Bingo Palace
14 Trent
phone: (416) 690-5881 – (416) 690-1638

Bingo Country
1435 King W.
phone: (416) 588-9599

Southern Ontario Bingo Halls


Amherstburg Bingo Palace
35 Renaud
phone: (519) 736-2222


Brantford Bingo Centre
82 King George Rd
phone: 519-756-8380

Six Nations Bingo Hall
phone: (519) 753-3574


Cambridge Bingo Centre
255 Elgin N.
phone: (519) 623-5517


Chatham Bingo Country
132 Richmond
phone: (519) 351-3355

Riverview Bingo Palace
497 Riverview Dr.
phone: (519) 351-3232


Saugeen Rotary Bingo
111 7th Ave
phone: (519) 364-0585


Kitchener Bingo Country
1356 Weber St. E.
phone: (519) 893-7709

Kitchener Charities Bingo Palace
29 King E.
phone: (519) 742-5961


Kingsville Bingo Palace
40 Main Street
phone: (519)-733-8388


Bingo Bingo
8368 Fairlane Rd., N
phone: (519) 291-4089


Bingo Palace & Castle
197 Adelaide S.
phone: (519) 685-0444

Lucky Days Bingo
539 First St.
phone: (519) 453-5664

Forest City Bingo Country
1106 Dearness Dr.
phone: (519) 685-2730

Owen Sound

Owen Sound Community Bingo
938 2nd Ave E
Owen Sound
phone: (519) 371-0074

Rotary Club TV Bingo
1040 20th St. E.
Owen Sound
phone: (519) 372-3433

Point Edward

Village Bingo
712 Lite Street
Point Edward
phone: (519) 337-4868


Ridgetown Bingo
109 Erie St. N
phone: (519) 674-2770


Sarnia Bingo Country
825 Upper Canada
phone: (519) 344-1045

Harvey’s Bingo
1273 London Rd
phone: (519) 344-5135

Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach Community Centre
Community Centre Dr.
Sauble Beach
phone: (519) 422-2521


29 Park Rd, N
phone: (519) 426-3001

St. Thomas

Bingo Bingo
42703 Fruit Ridge Line
St. Thomas
phone: (519) 633-3003

St. Thomas Bingo Country
140 Edward St.
St. Thomas
phone: (519) 633-1984


Stratford Bingo Country
20 Glastonbury Ave.
phone: (519) 271-8927


Classic Bingo III
13300 Desro Dr.
phone: (519) 979-7999


Wallaceburg Bingo Country
R R. 4
phone: (519) 627-8717


Bingo Bingo
92 Lodge Street
phone: (519)884-3415


Big D Bingo Emporium
2515 Dougall
phone: (519) 969-2443

Bingo Country
1699 Northway St.
phone: (519) 252-9355

Classic Bingo
720 Ouellette Ave
phone: (519)948-7500

Classic Bingo Country
655 Crawford
phone: (519)974-7455

Classic Bingo Country
1385 Walker Road
phone: (905) 977-1010

Classic Bingo Country
2340 Dougall Avenue
phone: (519) 977-6100

Derby Community Bingo
1279 University W.
phone: (519) 253-1475

Hollywood Bingo
3975 Wyandotte E
phone: (519) 974-6100

Windsor Bingo Palace
736 Ouellette Ave
phone: 519-255-7224


Silver Dollar Bingo Parlour
phone: (519) 537-8500